Ant Heald - old enough to remember when all web pages looked like this, young enough to be glad they no longer do

"World's greatest homepage" (Norman Sawers)

I’m currently a part time student on the MA Creative Writing course at Swansea University. So I guess I need to get my writing sorted, right?

Part of the requirement for the poetry module is to have a Wordpress blog for work in progress and writing about poetry. You can find mine here: poetry blog.

I’ve had various blogs that I’ve started and used in fits and starts, or abandoned, or had pulled from under me in the case of the dear departed Posterous (which I exported and merged with the following, so lots of broken links and stuff - it’s a right mess, really) I used to have a self-hosted one, but I’ve deleted that and exported its contents here: (in parenthesis

At one time or another I can be found at various other online spaces. Some of them are:




This used to be my ‘teacher’ Facebook page when I was ‘Mr Heald’. I don’t think I’ve quite got the chutzpah to call it an ‘author’ page. (Yet?)

A couple of other once upon a time, not so long ago, things:

advice for Ucas university applicants

English teaching blog

Quite a long time ago, I used to have some other websites that I played around with for a while. I found broken fragments of one on an old floppy disk I was clearing out. It's here. Some things I wrote are buried in there, and some photos of my beloved late mum's 70th birthday.